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40 Cal Premium Fixed Shield Hood

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 This Lightweight Layered Arc Flash Clothing Vented Hood is arc rated at 40 Cal/cm2.  The layered arc clothing fixed vented hood is manufactured here in the United States by the skilled craftspersons at Otex, proud provider of all our arc clothing.  This layered arc clothing vented hood is made from an outer Protera layer combined with an inner layer of knit Westex Indura Ultra Soft, providing a hood that is both lightweight and durable.  This hood has a unique ventilation system to provide the user cool air for comfort and to prevent fogging.  It is NOT for respiratory protection.  The hood has an arc sensor that will disrupt power to the fan eliminating toxic vapors from entering the employee breathing zone.  The lamp is included with the hood.  The fan is powered by a Milwaukee M12 rechargeable battery and the charging cable is included in the kit.  The shield is grey in color.